Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Don’t ‘overthink’ like Ted Mosby !

We just have to live our lives to the fullest. Enjoy. Don’t think about the next day, like there’s no tomorrow. Just try it. It’s awesome. As long as you don’t have a crush on someone. That ruins everything, even if having a crush is kind of exiting.

I’m jealous of people that are able to ignore their feelings and be happy all the time because they don’t need to sit home desperate with those scary and bad-mood-making “deep thoughts”.

I’m normally like Ted. I think, think, think and I need more than four shots to just do, do, do. Because turning of brain and heart is much more difficult than it might sound. And even after drinking too much alcohol my heart is working. Therefore my brain says good night. Huge danger ! Friends have to keep my phone away from me so that I can’t text any awkward things to a crush or just some random person.

So, before you get drunk to stop “overthinking”, you should decide what is better. “Overthink” or “overdo” ?
“Overdoing” is funny and relieving for a moment but it turns into an embarrassing thing after waking up the next morning, normally..

Alcohol is not a long-term-solution, just for the moment.

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